Cinema in France and a Pilgrimage to Notre Dame

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Needing some peace and quiet, we left our software engineer in solitude in order to embrace the French love of cinema. Ready to immerse ourselves in over four hours of the French language, we headed to the large MK2 cinema to view two American movies, Les Incognitos and Frozen 2.

Had you told me this ten years ago when we started our family travel, I would have scoffed at being in Paris and enclosing myself in a movie theater. Yet, people evolve and sometimes you and your travel weary kids need to simplify. Plus, the fact that they were willing to watch two films with a very minimal knowledge of the language was quite brave. I was very proud of them. Frozen 2 was easier to watch as they had previously seen it in English, but they still enjoyed the first film and, once again, look forward to watching it in their native tongue.

Taking a break in between films, we sipped overpriced hot chocolate and coffee under the heat lamps of an outdoor cafe. Taking a chance at the food trucks just in front of the MK2, we were disappointed to find out they were closed for the afternoon, but were generously offered the last of the French fries for free. It was an unexpected gift that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Meeting our entrepreneur outside the theater, we embarked on our pilgrimage to one of our most beloved spots in Paris, Notre Dame. Strolling the quays of the Seine, unsure of what we would find when we arrived at the wounded cathedral, we reminisced of the beautiful moments we passed there on our last trip. As we approached, the heavy machinery was jarring, the barricades enclosed her for blocks and all that was left was a glimpse through the fencing of the mighty cathedral healing from the burns of the fire of April 2019.

Wandering to the familiar, narrow, winding streets of the Latin Quarter, we dined at an eclectic restaurant with a fixed menu and a rare children’s menu. It was a comfortable meal and warm atmosphere to rest before our walk back to the thirteenth arrondissement.

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