A Boring Day and That’s OK

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The last few days held enough tension and activity for quite sometime. Today was boring and that’s okay with me. The kids and I have all been fighting a sore throat, achy ear, runny nose, headache, fever virus since Saturday. Each day, as one of us felt the symptoms subsiding, another’s would intensify. Fortunately, my worst days, as well as our littlest’s, were Saturday and Sunday, allowing me to better care for our daughter when her seizure occurred. Unfortunately, her worst days began the day of the episode and have been lingering throughout today. Needless to say, we all needed a day to rest and recuperate.

Heading out on solo outing to the pharmacy to drop-off a prescription for emergency seizure medication, I took a little time to walk the Old City and then head to the shopping district to partake in the infamous January Sales that happen all over France. The rest of the day was spent working, schooling, cooking, and laundering. Sometimes it’s okay to just be wherever you are. Travel is not always about adventures. Living out the mundane, in a country not your own, is equally as valuable.

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